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UML Diagrams
Zicomi Systems publishes some UML example diagrams online from the world famous UML dictionary.
Version 2.5 Released
Zicomi Systems is delighted to announce that version 2.5 of Zicomi Mentor is released. With support for UML 2.0 and all thirteen UML diagrams
Zicomi Systems' Director
speaks about the UML at Objects by Design - an informative interview
Partner Programme
Zicom Systems is delighted to announce a new world wide partner programme, become a partner today.
OMG Member
Zicom Systems is made a member of the OMG!

  • hundreds of interactive example UML diagrams
  • comprehensive explanations of UML 2
  • can be used as a UML tutorial
  • hints, tips and usage guidelines
  • self-paced quizzes
  • Online UML Dictionary

The product is easy to use, intuitive and can be used by business and technical people providing a reference that is appropriate for beginners and experts alike...

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  Today's UML Element
A value of redefines specified for the property string indicates that the association end is redefined with the name specified. This mechanism allows an association end to be recast using a new name and poten... more...
  Today's Testimonial
"The UML is rich and powerful but can be overwhelming for beginners. Zicom Systems UML mentoring tool has helped me enormously learning to model software systems with the UML. A fountain of knowledge is just a click away."
David Crayford
Senior Software Engineer
Fundi Software
  Today's Thought Leader
David Harel (unknown - .)
Harel gained his Bachelor of Science from Bar-Ilan University in 1974, his Masters of Science from Tel-Aviv University in 1976 and his doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1978. He has held a chair in mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel since 1980. He worked in a diverse range of areas in theoretical computer science including: computability theory, database theory, logic of programs and automata theory. He is best known for his invention of the language of statecharts, which extended finite-state automata allowing complex and concurrent states to be modelled. By applying abstraction to solve the problem of complex reactive systems his visual formalism allowed clustering, concurrency and refinement to be modeled. His work is important to the UML because the UML state machine is based upon his work, thereby allowing the UML to be used to model complex reactive systems.
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