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A device is a type of node. It is a physical resource and has the power to perform computations. Artifacts and components can be deployed to a device and typically rely upon services offered by the device to carry out their work. A device may be composed of other devices as part of a hierarchy of nested devices.

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A device is a physical resource that carries out the work of a system. When a device is purchased it typically arrives in a box, and requires unpacking. The device offers services to artifacts and components that are deployed upon it. A device can be a node in a hierarchy of parts, itself being a part of another device or owning other devices as parts.

Related Entries

Node  Parent
A node is related to a device as it is the parent type which the execution environment specializes. While a device is a specialized form of a node that is used to describe physical environments a node is more general and also represents logical deployment environments such as execution environments.
Execution Environment
Execution Environment  Sibling
An execution environment is related to a device as they are both types of node. While a device represents a physical environment for the deployment of artifacts an execution environment represents logical environment for the deployment of artifacts.

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