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  • hundreds of interactive example UML diagrams
  • comprehensive explanations of UML 2
  • can be used as a UML tutorial
  • hints, tips and usage guidelines
  • self-paced quizzes
  • Online UML Dictionary

The product is easy to use, intuitive and can be used by business and technical people providing a reference that is appropriate for beginners and experts alike...

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  Today's UML Element
A continuation is an interaction fragment that is used with alternative and weak sequencing combined fragments. It is a device that expresses the continuation of the different branches of the enclosing combin... more...
  Today's Testimonial
"The UML is rich and powerful but can be overwhelming for beginners. Zicom Systems UML mentoring tool has helped me enormously learning to model software systems with the UML. A fountain of knowledge is just a click away."
David Crayford
Senior Software Engineer
Fundi Software
  Today's Thought Leader
Edsger Wybe Dijkstra (1930 - 2002)
Dijkstra was born in Rotterdam, May 11 1930. Dijkstra studied theoretical physics at the University of Leiden. He worked at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands and the University of Texas at Austin in America. He developed the shortest path-algorithm for which he received the Turing prize in 1972. While he is renowned for his statements about the negative effects of the GOTO statement, his overall contribution to the theory of program correctness is more important. In many ways the UML is based on his proposition that if you start with a mathematical proposition of the program's requirements and then apply transformations the result will be an executable program that is correct
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