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UML Diagrams
Zicomi Systems publishes some UML example diagrams online from the world famous UML dictionary.
Version 2.5 Released
Zicomi Systems is delighted to announce that version 2.5 of Zicomi Mentor is released. With support for UML 2.0 and all thirteen UML diagrams
Zicomi Systems' Director
speaks about the UML at Objects by Design - an informative interview
Partner Programme
Zicom Systems is delighted to announce a new world wide partner programme, become a partner today.
OMG Member
Zicom Systems is made a member of the OMG!

  • hundreds of interactive example UML diagrams
  • comprehensive explanations of UML 2
  • can be used as a UML tutorial
  • hints, tips and usage guidelines
  • self-paced quizzes
  • Online UML Dictionary

The product is easy to use, intuitive and can be used by business and technical people providing a reference that is appropriate for beginners and experts alike...

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  Today's UML Element
A value of sequence specified for the property string of an association end indicates that the collection of instances are an ordered bag. This means that the collection is ordered but can contain duplicated ... more...
  Today's Testimonial
"As a developer of UML training courses I have found Zicom Mentor to be an invaluable reference tool. It provides me with clear, concise definitions of UML elements coupled with interactive examples of actual UML models. I never fail to recommend it to my course participants."
Phil Robinson
Principle Consultant
Lonsdale Systems
  Today's Thought Leader
Noam Chomsky (1928 - .)
Chomsky was born in Philadelphia, America. He is Institute Professor Emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He gained his doctorate in linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1955. Chomsky has contributed significantly to the field of theoretical linguistics. He elaborated a theory called transformational-generative grammar, composed of two types of rules: phrase-structure rules and transformational rules, that allows language to be analysed scientifically His work has contributed significantly to compiler theory and natural language parsers. Chomsky's work is relevant to the UML where natural language requirements are transformed to UML diagrams and then into programming code and finally into a set executable instructions.
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