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UML Diagrams
Zicomi Systems publishes some UML example diagrams online from the world famous UML dictionary.
Version 2.5 Released
Zicomi Systems is delighted to announce that version 2.5 of Zicomi Mentor is released. With support for UML 2.0 and all thirteen UML diagrams
Zicomi Systems' Director
speaks about the UML at Objects by Design - an informative interview
Partner Programme
Zicom Systems is delighted to announce a new world wide partner programme, become a partner today.
OMG Member
Zicom Systems is made a member of the OMG!
products - visual dictionary of UML

visual dictionary of UML ®

The Visual Dictionary of UML is an electronic pictorial dictionary of the UML providing relevant explanations to simple and expert UML questions. No prior UML knowledge is required to use the product as the entries in the dictionary are listed in picture form. The information is relevant to business and technical people and is easy for the beginner and has the depth required by the expert.

Visual Dictionary Box
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Zicom Mentor Dictionary Entries Page

key benefits

  • Increase your productivity by accessing precise and relevant definitions and explanations.
  • Can be used with any UML tool giving detailed explanations.
  • Create consistency amongst teams, projects, departments and organizations.
  • Start working with UML immediately by looking up a pictorial dictionary - no prior knowledge needed.
  • Business and Technical explanations - for beginners and experts.
  • Explanations that are updated regularly keeping pace with changes to the UML specification.
  • Can be used as a training tool for beginners or experts.
  • Four levels of interactive quizzes to check your progress, giving hints and explanations.

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Zicom Mentor Dictionary Entry Example Actor

features at a glance

  • Hundreds of pages of cross-referenced information about UML.
  • Can be used with any UML tool.
  • All UML Diagrams covered - UML 1.5 and UML 2.0 Notation.
  • Runs in mostBrowsers.
  • Interactive diagram viewer - bringing UML diagrams to life.
  • Definitions, Explanations, Examples.
  • Self-paced interactive Quizzes, for beginners and experts.
  • Search for UML terms and elements.
  • Definitions of Stereotypes and Constraints.
  • Many Examples of how elements are used.
  • Related elements connect the UML elements to increase understanding.
  • Integrated help system.
  • Fast familiar and highly intuitive interface.
  • And lots more ....

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Zicom Mentor Dictionary Entry Example Node

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Zicom Mentor Dictionary Entry Example Shallow History State

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